Poultry Integration Process
From grains to food

From the grains our chickens consume, to the food that’s served on your dining table, our supply chain begins with sourcing and trading quality corn and soy-based raw materials for feed production. The journey continues with our award-winning Biosecurity farming and hatchery, up to a wide range of chilled and frozen whole chicken, cut-up parts, and other delicious further processed products. This entire process happens exclusively here in Malaysia.

We've got more great things to say about our chickens. Being one of the most advanced poultry processing plants that is designed and built according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) & British Retail Consortium (BRC) guidelines in Malaysia, we strive to be the leading food manufacturing enterprise to domestic major market segments and export consumption.


How It's Made

What is our greatest quality? Food safety & hygiene processing. That's why all Ayam Dindings chickens sold locally are carefully raised, harvested, and prepared exclusively here in Malaysia.

Poultry In Motion

Let's spread our wings and take a journey of how the magic really happens, from our farms to your dining tables:

Global sourcing of quality corn, soybean & soybean meal

Natural grain with multi-vitamin poultry feed milling

Egg-hatching, broiler-raising under Biosecurity farming

Implementing Halal poultry slaughtering & processing

Maintaining freshness & clean meat processing at 10°C

Comprehensive Halal cold chain logistics nationwide

We know you would love it. That’s because Ayam Dindings has the quality you are looking for.

Safety First!

We take food safety & hygiene processing very seriously.

Know why Ayam Dindings products are so delicious? They're made of high-quality chickens—fed with corn, soy-based raw materials, and other nutritious ingredients you love.

To make matters more interesting, all chickens are raised in the award-winning Biosecurity farms, where we took home the title of Outstanding Broiler Farm, Breeder Farm Award and Outstanding Technology Adoption in Farm Production by Malaysian Livestock in 2015 and 2018.

Together with the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS), a comprehensive end-to-end poultry integration system focusing on quality, hygiene and food safety processing management including animal welfare, employee welfare and environmental sustainability are always our priority.

In fact, all fresh and frozen products produced by yours truly are quality-assured and certified Halal by Jakim, DVS, HACCP, Food GMP, ISO 22000, and 9001 to ensure safety for your consumption.